About Sabtech

Since 1995, the Saudi Basic Technology Company (SAB TECH) has undergone two major expansions; an expansion in the main factory, giving a total area of 8,520 Sq-m and an expansion in its invested capital, resulting in a total of 20 million SAR. The main motive behind its expansions was the high demand for the quality services provided in maintenance, manufacturing of hydraulic cylinders and manufacturing of hydraulic cylinder applications.

Since our expansion and which is still taking place, our products have gone beyond cylinder manufacturing. SAB TECH now produces Baling Presses, Road Blockers, Refuse Compactors, Dock Levelers, Scissor Lifts, Mast Lifts, Car Hoist (In Ground) and Dock ramps.
All products have been developed and are customized (Special Project) according to our customers’ needs, this has been possible due to the independent Engineering and research & Development department that SAB TECH runs.

SAB TECH is an enterprise which is completely devoted to the development, design and excellent quality of hydraulic products. SAB TECH make hydraulic products more practical and reliable moving power.


Headquarter & Factory, Jeddah


Production & Maintenance Team