Industrial Sectional Overhead Doors

Industrial Doors provide thermal and acoustic insulation. They are specially designed for its use in warehouses, logistic centers and any type of installation.

We have a wide range of industrial doors with a huge variety of finishing and accessories according to the needs of each customer: Sectional, Folding, Sliding, Roll-up.

  • Optimum Safety
  • Durable, Long Life and Low Maintenance
  • Energy efficient, Acoustic Insulation
  • Color of Customers Choice
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  • Devices against cable
  • Double hardware for big doors
  • Glassed door with pedestrian door
  • Safety hook which locks the door from inside
  • Support omega for big doors


  • High Quality Double Torsion Spring.
  • Optional Safety Edge Device
  • Wind Load Class 5
  • Door Leaf Panel Thickness -40mm with reinforcement for hinges and supports
  • Acoustic Insulation 24dbm
  • Heat Conductivity 0.38W/mC
  • Wide Opening Size