Fabrication and Maintenance of Hydraulic System

SAB TECH designs hydraulic systems (Power Packs) for different applications as per customer requirements and repair all kinds of hydraulic systems (Power Packs) using branded parts with test certificates.

SAB TECH repairs all types of hydraulic pumps, motors, valves, and test them on highly sophisticated test bench which makes sure 100% guaranteed repair.

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  • Chrome thickness test
  • Chroming & de-chroming of cylinder rod
  • Fabricate & assembly of customized power pack
  • Fabricate of hydraulic cylinder parts
  • Machining of hydraulic cylinder parts
  • Manufacturing of hydraulic seals
  • Polishing of chrome rod
  • Precision machining of hydraulic cylinder by CNC machine
  • Repair of power pack
  • Testing & diagnose of hydraulic pump


  • Hydraulic Test Bench for Pumps, motors and valve testing.
  • Fabrication and Assembly of Hydraulic Systems.
  • Design and develop hydraulic circuits for mobile and industrial applications.
  • Trouble shooting of hydraulic systems of mobile and industrial equipment.
  • Technical consultation of maintaining and manufacturing hydraulic systems.
  • Using latest software and analytic tools to develop products.
  • Quality and Guaranteed Service.
  • Designing and developing Hydraulic Cylinders.
  • Cylinders for steel mills, petrochemical plants, construction and industrial equipment.
  • CNC facilities for many purposes.
  • Manufacturing various sizes of Hydraulic Cylinders.