Power Press

Power Press is heavy duty machine with double acting cylinder design with 6-part oil seals for smooth operation, tight seal with chromium plate piston rod and directional control valve for moving cylinder rod vertically. It’s heavy welded steel plate frame provides greater rigidity and relieve Valve protects against overloads.

Adjustable Table permits easy vertical movement and electrical operation provides smooth, consistent pressing action with electric motor (Three-Phase 220/380 V – 60 Hz) to drive hydraulic pump.

Recommended use for:

  • Forming
  • Shearing
  • Bending
  • Punching
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  • Chain
  • Control lever & pressure gauge
  • Hydraulic cylinder
  • Pin
  • Power pack
  • V-Block


ModelA (mm)B (mm)C (mm)D (mm)E (mm)F (mm)Piston Stroke (mm)Piston Speed (mm/sec)Pump Flow (I/min)Weight (KG APPROX.)
PP 50T223090010001500300100030086.71000
PP 100T2100110010001800350100030059.51500
PP 150T230013001300220040012003004.514.22100
PP 200T242515001500250045012003003.514.22700